Because attorney's fees can be the responsibility of the debtor, when they are

set by state statute or are part of the debt agreement, you are more likely to recover more of what is owed you if the case goes to court than if you had gone to a collection agency. Here is an example:

                                                      Principal                                      $1000.00
                                                      Interest 18%                                   180.00
                                                      Attorney's fee 25%                       295.00
                                                      Total amount due                     $1475.00
                                                      Contingency fee                           -516.25
                                                      Net to client                                  $958.75

The attorney's fee of 25% is due from the debtor and the collection fee is 35% of the total amount due. That means the amount you recover can be over 95% of the original principal.

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